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Appropriating and Emulating Celebrity Decor and Style

Celebrities aren't just good for entertainment in gossip magazines, sometimes they actually have incredible style and home decor that is worth emulating. This is the first post in a two-part series about Celebrity decor in which we will share some of our favourite images of celebrities abodes and suggest styling tips to recreate and appropriate some of the different styles shown in these celebrity homes. Look our for part two which will include more styling tips and stunning images that give us a peek inside some of our favourite celebrities' homes!

You may be surprised to find out that this first stylish and cheerful abode belongs to rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and his lovely wife Sharon! Featuring a clean white background, the two have then created their own style through a contrasting mix of classic and modern pieces. Little pops of colour (pale blue furniture, gold pieces, fresh floral arrangements, colourful food, etc) give their home life and a fresh and slight bohemian appearance generally associated with beach houses.

Recreating Sharon and Ozzy's style is all about balance and contrast. Throughout their abode they clash the masculine with the feminine while retaining a bohemian beach-like aura through specific colour palette choices. A butterfly backed chair (such as the one in the bottom left hand corner in the Osbourne's abode) adds a feminine and regal grace to a room. Check out our Rena Butterfly Chair (above) to add a similar mood to your home!

Click on Rena Butterfly Chair to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Meanwhile, Ozzy might feel much more at home on a throne such as our Godfather Chair. The masculinity and modern style of the Godfather Chair, clashed with the regal and femininity of the Rena Butterfly Chair is essential feature to appropriating their style.
Available in black leather look or natural linen, our Godfather Chair is one of the most comfortable chairs that you could sit on - you just sink into the soft cushioned bottom and supportive back - making it a perfect spot to rest with a good book or watch your favourite television show or movie.

 Click on Godfather Chair to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Next to complete their style you'll want to choose a statement colour (in Ozzy and Sharon's case; pale blue) to repeat throughout different areas of your house. We recommend checking out colour wheels such as the one above to get an idea of what colour and tone you'd like to choose. Try picturing what kind of mood you would like to convey throughout your household and then pick a colour that captures that, for instance Sharon and Ozzy have chosen pale blue which presents a beach-like, relaxed and calm vibe. Contrast your chosen colour with neutrals such as brown and tan as well as black and white. We also recommend thinking about introducing bits of gold or silver (or both if you'd prefer!) into your space as they will pair nicely with neutral and monochromatic shades without competing with your chosen colour.

 Olivia Palermo has street style that is emulated by many and desired by thousands and her reading nook contains a similar desirable elegance. Simple but interesting, this little corner would be easy to appropriate into any house - particularly if you do not have much space to work with. The angled chair and unusual side table provide intrigue to the space while scattered ornaments and items provide a personal touch.

Emulate Olivia Palermo's reading nook by choosing a chair or armchair that is a little bit unusual and unique. Our Summer Peacock Chairs (above) have a vintage relaxed style (we're thinking French balconies in the Summer) that is contrasted by the bright modern shades of colour. Available in blue, green, white and red - our Summer Peacock Chairs are made from high quality rattan and bamboo and are sure to make a statement in any household!

Click on Summer Peacock Chairs to be taken directly to their location on our website.

If you would prefer to keep the area monochromatic or are planning on introducing colour through decorator pieces, check out our Barcelona Chair! Fashioned in thick hide saddle from high grade Italian Leather with stainless steel, our Barcelona Chair is of the highest quality. A very modern piece, the interesting design on the stainless steel frame and feet would draw attention without taking away from other decorator pieces in the space. 

We also have an ottoman available to accompany this piece and both are available in either black, white or tan leather depending on your own personal preference and style.
Click on Barcelona Chair to be taken directly to its location on our website.

If you'd prefer something even simpler or have not much space to work with, check out our Coconut Chair! Made from high quality Italian leather, fibreglass, stainless steel and a high density foam for optimum comfort - our Coconut Chair is the perfect piece for reading/watching television late at night with a glass of wine and delicious cheese. If you enjoy entertaining company in a smaller and more intimate setting, try pairing two or three of our Coconut Chairs with a low coffee or side table; that way you'll have more space to share your wine and cheese!
Available in black or white leather.

Click on Coconut Chair to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Gerald Butler's kitchen clashes industrial appliances with vintage furniture featuring a classic chandelier over a weather island bench, long rectangular cupboards, pillars and a hat rack. The refined nature of his kitchen prevents clutter and allows for pieces such as the chandelier to really shine through and make a statement.

To emulate his style stick to classic vintage inspired pieces such as our Eleanor Chandelier. Featuring a polished brass finished metal frame with glass beading, cups and droplets - our Eleanor Chandelier is a statement piece that would balance well with weathered furniture pieces (ideally in black, white or brown).
The mood of Gerald Butler's kitchen is warm and inviting so try to stick to warmer colour tones and shades such as brown, cream (or off-white), bronze, gold and orange/red tones for a touch of colour. The warm shade of brass on our Eleanor Chandelier is perfect for capturing a similar mood.

Click on Eleanor Chandelier to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Stunning designer Windsor Smith has created a fun, feminine and inviting outdoor area for her family and friends to enjoy at her Los Angeles home. Inspired by bohemian styles and demonstrating her flair for creativity and design - Windsor Smith has created a comfortable outdoor area that looks as if it could easily be an indoor area instead!

An outdoor couch really adds an air of comfort to any outdoor area. For a gorgeous outdoor friendly option that doesn't spare on style or comfort, check out our Bamboo Sofa! The neutral tones of the bamboo make this the perfect piece to dress up with a colourful arrangement of cushions.

Click on Bamboo Sofa to be taken directly to its location on our website.
Another lovely option, that is also easy to dress up, is our Opium Daybed! Perfect if you love to entertain on those warm summer days and evenings, our Opium Daybed comfortably seats three.

Click on Opium Daybed to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Recreate Windsor Smith's style by then pairing the simple, clean lined couch with a colourful chair or armchair! Our Eco Friendly Wicker Chairs are comfortable and add a bohemian bright quality to any outdoor area. The bright orange particularly is perfect for our upcoming summer!

Click on Eco Friendly Wicker Chairs to be taken directly to its location on our website.

 If you plan on focusing colour in decorator pieces, try mixing wood in neutral tones into your outdoor area instead of coloured armchairs. Our Driftwood Stool/Side Table is gorgeous and functional as it works as both a side table and a stool (cushion provided). Pieces like this are also fantastic if you have a smaller outdoor area to work with.

Click on Driftwood Stool/Side Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Contrast the pops of colour with an ottoman in leather or hide. If you do decided to add a piece such as this to your outdoor area, ensure it is under cover or moved inside to protect it against the elements (rain, wind and sun damage).

Pictured above: Leather Ottoman Brown (click here to be taken directly to its location on our website)

Hide ottomans will contrast with colour without drawing too much attention away from bright pieces - again these can be easily damaged by the elements so for it's protection ensure that your area is undercover or that this piece is moved undercover after its use.

Above: Round Hide Ottoman (click here to be taken directly to its location on our website)

 A great way to introduce more colour to this outdoor area is by choosing a smaller, colourful ottoman. Our Moroccan Pouffe Pink (above) would make for a comfortable foot rest or seating for a child. When choosing the colours for your outdoor area, keep in mind how they will look together and when paired with your other neutral pieces. Once again, we recommend checking out a colour wheel to get an idea of how different colour complement and contrast with one another. For Spring and Summer, we're loving bright orange, pink, yellow and aqua's (or turquoise)!

Continue contrasting colour through your cushion choice. Here are a few of our favourite cushions for the Spring and Summer! (Click on the name to be taken directly to the location of each on our website!)

Look out for the second blog post of this series which will include more celebrity home and style decorating tips!
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