Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Website Launch!

We're so excited to share with you the launch of our newly revamped website!

With the launch, our blog posts will be posted on the website from now on - link here - so we'd love it if you would follow us over to there.

We already have a new blog post up there to celebrate our new website featuring pieces from our new product lines of Outdoor Furniture - just in time for New Years Eve!

In other exciting news, we are also doing another amazing giveaway in conjunction with!
To celebrate our gorgeous newly re-designed website, one winner will receive:

*Zara Pod Chair
*two Linen Cushions
*two Sofia Ottomans (one Lime, one Fuchsia)

The total package giveaway is valued at $1130!

To enter you will need to Like us on Facebook ( and go to the new website ( and register as a VIP!

It is free to register as a VIP, and additionally by registering you will benefit with free delivery to Metro Aust* (conditions apply), notification and access to special sales and many other perks!

The giveaway will run for a week, and the winner will be announced just before Christmas!

Good luck to everyone who enters and we hope you're having a great holiday season!

Zara Pod Chair

Linen Cushion (x 2)

Sofia Ottoman (Lime)

Sofia Ottoman (Fuchsia)

Note: The winner of the giveaway will have there items shipped to them mid January.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Desk Areas

A place for you to unwind and relax, or buckle down and get some hard work done - the desk area is a crucial part of any abode. A great place to express your personality, the desk area can also easily become cluttered and disorganized...not a very great environment to work hard in!
In this blog post, we're going to share some tips with you about expressing yourself through your desk area and reducing the clutter, while introducing you to a few different desk style options.

A great idea to think about when decorating around your desk is applying wallpaper behind the area. Go for something simple, not too bold because it will distract you from your work, but inspiring enough to make you feel happy and relaxed in that area.

Try to keep your area free from unnecessary clutter, consider purchasing or creating your own storage system nearby so that all your bits and pieces are safe and out of your way.

 For the modern lover in all (*most*) of us, our Georgia Mirrored Dresser is the perfect picture of elegance! Featuring three roomy drawers to store any necessities (pens, spare paper, staplers...lipstick...), the Georgia Mirrored Dresser contrasts the glam factor of the beveled mirrored front and top with the sleek and modern black legs and edging.

Pop a mirror (click here to view our range of mirrors) behind it and the Georgia Mirrored Dresser transforms into a stunning vanity! Use it as a console, dresser, or of course - desk. The Georgia truly is a versatile piece!

If you really want to be unique, add a spark of colour to your Georgia Mirrored Dresser with a colourful desk lamp or bright vase filled with fresh flowers.

Click on Georgia Mirrored Dresser to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Two great colourful lamp options include our cool Cobra Table Lamp (above) and our new Otto Table Lamp (below)! Both are available in bright, fun and on-trend colours that are sure to grab attention.

Click on either Cobra Table Lamp or Otto Table Lamp to be taken directly to their separate locations on our website.


A great vase option is our Recycled Spanish Glass Vase in Fuchsia (above)! Contrast the gorgeous fuchsia shade with a yellow, white or blue floral arrangement or get matchy with violets - either way this vase is a stunning addition to any desk area. Our Recycled Spanish Glass Vase is also available in Orange.

Click on Recycled Spanish Glass Vase in Fuchsia to be taken directly to its location on our website.
 If you're looking for simple and practical, then you can't go past our Teak Office Desk. Made from 100% recycled teak and fitted with stainless steel legs, our Teak Office Desk exudes a simplicity that is simultaneously calming and invigorating. The perfect place to unwind or work hard, you can design your own space around the Teak Office Desk and be ensured that it will not overpower the area.

The ideal piece for someone looking to feel zen and at peace, or on the contrast, the artist who wants to create an area to reflect their own style and passion and not wanting furniture to clash with that expression.

Click on Teak Office Desk to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Reflect your personality in your desk area by adding smaller bits and pieces that will not clutter the area, but will either serve a purpose or add charm. Mementos from holidays (seashells, etc), a family photo (or a photo of a loved one, pet or even a relaxing landscape), stationary organisers and lamps can all dress up the desk area without overpowering it.

Another great idea is to add a candle to your desk. When choosing, think of the design of the candle holder - you don't want anything to bright as it will cause distraction while you are working. Try to find simple glass, white or black candle holders. Think of what kind of scents you like and consider when you will be burning your candle.

You may wish to purchase two separate candles: one with a relaxing scent to burn while you're unwinding, and another with a less intense scent burn when you're working - although that is entirely up to each individual.

 Our Candle in Hello Hamptons has an incredible scent that is universally appealing and versatile enough to work for times when you are relaxing or working. The classic scent of freesia blooms is calming and will add an aura of tranquility to your room, while the sweet pineapple, cranberries and peaches contrast and evoke, allowing you to focus and concentrate when necessary.

Made in Australia, our Candle in Hello Hamptons is created from a soy blend, and is beautifully packaged in a stylish glass jar that you can then reuse to store your paperclips or bits and pieces on your desk!

Click on Candle in Hello Hamptons to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Gorgeous, understated and practical are three words that perfectly define our Tresor Console! This two drawer desk is the ideal piece for anyone craving simplicity, or someone who does not have a lot of area to work with. The antique inspired design of the legs exudes French country appeal, while the simplicity of the two drawer design will satisfy modern lovers.

Place our Tresor Console in front of a large window for an instantly brighter, more stylish room. Continue the elegant appeal by adding white accessories to the desk, or contrast with monochromatic or colourful pieces. Our Tresor Console also makes an incredible console, small dresser or vanity.

Click on Tresor Console to be taken directly to its location on our website.
Love the look of a mirrored desk but would prefer something more antique and glamorous than more modern pieces such as our Georgia Mirrored Dresser? Then our Antique Mirror Dresser is for you! The ultimate of luxury and glam, our Antique Mirror Dresser is fitted with stunning designed handles on each of the five spacious drawers. With antique pewter edging and legs, our Antique Mirror Dresser is almost entirely mirrored to reflect the beauty of your home.

A perfect desk, our Antique Mirror Dresser also makes for an incredible dresser, vanity, console or storage piece for your bits and pieces (make-up, etc).

Click on Antique Mirror Dresser to be taken directly to its location on our website.

If using as a console, a beautiful large centered floral arrangement looks incredible on the Antique Mirror Dresser, if using as a desk - try for a slightly smaller arrangement and place it on either of the far corners to draw attention without taking up too much space.

We love the arrangement of the above desk! The perfect contrast between monochromatic and colour pieces! Little touches such as the clock screensaver, pink floral arrangement (that enhances the pink in the artwork) and the use of a mug with a personal attachment (the letter 'J' for the persons name) as a stationary holder really give the desk area personality and style.

Create an industrial vibe with our or our Bird Leg Console (above) or our Desk Stamp Leg - Hardwood (below)!

Both desk options are ideal for a more open area, although the Bird Leg Console particularly can be easily adapted to a smaller space. Add more industrial inspired pieces to achieve the perfect mood, or contrast with different items to show your personality.

Click on Bird Leg Console or Desk Stamp Leg - Hardwood to be taken directly to their separate locations on our website.

The ultimate of simplicity is our Curved Leg Console! With this piece you really are free to express your own personality and style as much or little as desired. The attractive curved legs contrasted by a flat top serves as an eye-catching, modern attraction in your home that can easily be adapted to any area. Not only a fantastic desk, our Curved Leg Console also makes for an amazing console or dressing table.

Click on Curved Leg Console to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Add some intrigue to your Curved Leg Console with a statement piece such as our Nixon Clock (Large)! A practical and stylish decorator piece, our Nixon Clock (Large) adds the perfect touch of glamour and elegance to a simpler desk. Also available in a medium size, our Nixon Clock (Large) also makes an incredible complementing piece to any mirrored desk!

Click on Nixon Clock (Large) to be taken directly to its location on our website.

The important thing to consider when choosing a desk and creating your desk area is how you want to reflect your personality and whether you want to choose practicality over style or vice versa.
Try to think of creative and unique ways to express yourself through decorator pieces on your desk, but keep in mind not to over clutter the area or else you'll find it difficult to get any work done!

We recommend having a browse through Pinterest or Tumblr to get an idea of different styles and ways to express yourself.

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Bentwood Chairs

 Here at Vavoom, we love our Bentwood Chairs!

We sell the real deal, no cheap replicas or 'inspired' pieces in sight.

Beautifully crafted by the Thonet Brothers in Poland, the Bentwood Chair has also been known as the No. 14 or the bistro chair, and is the most famous chair created by the Thonet chair company.

Designed by Michael Thonet and introduced in 1859, these stunning chairs are made using a unique steam-bending technology, known as bentwood, that required years to perfect. Some 50 million Bentwood's were sold between 1859 and 1930, and millions more have been sold since.

The Bentwood is a classic piece that is simultaneously modern and practical. Used in cafes, restaurants and homes worldwide for over a century, they are now available in a gorgeous array of different colours and finishes to suit your own personal taste and aesthetic.

Own a piece of history by adding a Bentwood into your own home!

Here at Vavoom, we carry the Bentwood in the following colours and finishes:

As well as - Walnut, Light Wenge, Raw & Natural (not pictured).

We also offer an embossed seat which is available in the colour range of Walnut, Light Wenge, Raw & Natural. (Embossed seat pictured below):

The Bentwood is loved and praised by many designers and architects and would make a great addition to your home or business.
As Le Corbusier (architect, designer, urbanist and writer, famous for being one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture) said of the Bentwoods: "Never was a better and more elegant design and a more precisely crafted and practical item created."

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pre-Christmas Sale

The Christmas season is almost upon us, and in celebration we have a Pre-Christmas sale to share with you all!

*Keep checking our Facebook and blogs for future updates about even more amazing sales and offers!*

(from left to right)

1. First up on our list, the Antique Mirror 3 Drawer is an incredible one-of-a-kind piece. Fitted with three spacious drawers to keep all your bits and pieces safe, our Antique Mirror 3 Drawer will reflect the rest of your bedroom.

2. Our Bentwood Chairs are the real deal! Beautifully crafted by the wonderful Thonet Brothers in Poland, these incredible chairs have been used as key pieces in restaurants and cafes worldwide for over a century. Our
Bentwood Chairs are available in blue, orange, yellow, white, green, black, brown and natural.

3. Up next is our Xanti Jar Chrome (Large), a beautiful high fired, glazed ceramic ginger jar to glam up any room. A great decorator piece, our Xanti Jar Chrome (Large) is the perfect piece for your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, loungeroom...the options are endless!

4. Our Cowhide Ottoman is a fabulous, trendy piece that has enough classic style to stay relevant throughout time and work well with any style of decor. A stunning black and white cowhide covered ottoman studded with brass studs and fitted with gorgeous timber legs with castors.

5. A perfect piece for your kitchen, dining room or outdoor area, our Recycled Spanish Glass Urn is a unique and stunning gift idea! Eco-friendly, practical and gorgeous, this piece will make a beautiful addition to your, or a loved one's, home!

6. Our Industrial Stool Adjustable is an incredibly versatile piece, with an adjustable height you can use them as bar stools, occasional stools or even as a very unique and cute bedside table! With a timber seat and an iron base, these popular pieces can transform any room or compliment the rest of your decor.

7. The perfect piece for the Summer season, our beautiful and bright Hammocks would look incredible in any backyard, porch or pergola area! Availbale in orange, blue, lime, tan, yellow and red - these Hammocks can also be used indoors.

8. Our Linen Cushion in Eat-Sleep-Bike-Repeat (Brown) is one of the newer additions to Vavoom Emporium as we expand our homeware ranges. Perfect for your inner bike lover (or bike loving friend!), this cushion cover is handmade and painted with a unique and gorgeous design.

9. Looking to add a little fun back into your decor? Our Bean Bags are the perfect way! Manufactured here in Australia, featuring original design prints and (where possible) using environmentally friendly based inks, these retro chic styles are made to last as the are create using only great quality fabrics. Check out some of the different styles and colours on our website, our Summer favourites are the bright clashing Japanese style floral in melon orange, and the vibrant lipstick berry floral. Images of both colours will be featured at the end of this blog post.

10. Our Candle in Hello Hamptons is a gorgeous gift idea! A soy blend candle, beautifully packaged in a stylish glass resuable jar, Hello Hamptons burns for approximately over 60 hours. Made in Australia, the Hello Hamptons scent is a classic blend of freesia blooms, evoked with sweet pineapple, peaches and cranberries. The delightful fragrance will transport you immediately to your own gorgeous inner beach holiday.

11. Do you, or someone you love, have a passion for cute, kitsch and vintage? Then our gorgeous Fine Art Print in Mint Camera would make an excellent home addition! Taken by a professional, commercial and artistic photographer from South America, these prints are incredible quality. Printed in matte, ultra smooth, acid and lignin free archival paper by a professional lab you can be certain that these gorgeous prints will stay vibrant for a lifetime!

Looking for an extra special Christmas present for yourself (or someone you reaaaaaaally love)? Then our elegant and glam Amelia Queen Bedhead might just be the thing! Featured above in champagne, it also comes in a classic black and a vibrant berry shade. Featuring faux velvet with glass cut diamond buttons and natural timber legs, our Amelia Queen Bedhead is the picture of decadence.
Pair our Monroe Ottoman with our Amelia Bedhead for a complete look! Available in champagne (pictured) or black, this ottoman a perfect piece to fit at the end of your bed or at any other location in your house.

Additional pictures of some of our favourite (perfect for Summer) Bean Bags styles:

Above is our gorgeous Japanese Floral Melon style.

Below is our stunning Lipstick Berry style.


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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Amazing Grace/She Shopped/Vavoom Emporium Competition!

In conjunction with Amazing Grace Hepburn Springs and She Shopped, here at Vavoom Emporium we are currently running an exciting competition through which you could win a weekend* getaway for you and three friends at the incredible luxury self-catered Amazing Grace Hepburn Springs, furnished and styled by Vavoom Emporium!

Valued at $1090.00, to enter this amazing competition follow these three steps:

#1 - 'Like' Amazing Grace Hepburn Springs on Facebook - click here

#2 - 'Like' Vavoom Emporium on Facebook - click here

#3 - Enter your name and email into the form on She Shopped - click here

Hurry, this incredible competition closes on Friday 16 November 2012 at 7pm AEST! The winner of this amazing prize will be announced on Facebook and notified through email.

To read more details about Amazing Grace Hepburn Springs and this competition, click here!

To enquire regarding bookings, events or more information at Amazing Grace you can call Lisa on 0411 035 000, or click here!

To view more photos and information about Amazing Grace, click here!

To visit SheShopped, click here!

To visit our website (Vavoom Emporium), click here!

*The winner of the Amazing Grace/Vavoom Emporium competition will be responsible for all travel arrangements in getting to and from Amazing Grace, Hepburn Springs. The prize is not available for redemption on public or school holidays. The prize includes two nights accommodation for up to 4 people and is valued at $1090. It also includes a bottle of champagne and goody basket on arrival. All other expenses associated with the weekend getaway are the responsibility of the winner.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bathroom Blogging

Although bathroom renovations seem scary, expensive and long-winded; it can be relatively easy to transform your bathroom into a spectacular area of serenity and calm with just a few key pieces and an understanding of what will be best to reflect your house and personality.

When starting a renovation or redecoration, first it is important to understand your space. We recommend getting accurate measurements and dimensions so you can begin to decide how best to furnish and decorate the area. 

There is no easier way to add tranquility and calm to a room than by adding a bathtub. Perfect for relaxing after a long day with a good book and a glass of champagne, the bathtub is a great addition to any bathroom.

For smaller, narrow spaces - consider getting a full-length window built into a wall to open up the space if permitted. A window will also add to the tranquility, particularly if you have a nice view outside the room. A bath built into the floor adds a unique quality to any bathroom and also gives the illusion of a more spacious area.
If you would prefer an above ground tub, look for wide and narrow (this is when measurements will come in handy so you can determine how much room you have to fit). Consider getting a dual shower and tub to save on more space if you would prefer to have the convenience of both.

If you have more space to work with, consider making your bathroom more individual and unique by incorporating one strong colour throughout the room. The contrast of white and red in the bathroom above really makes for a stunning visual.

If you decide to travel down this path, it is a good idea to first consider how you would like the room to feel, as the colour you choose (and whether it is warm, cool or neutral) will affect that. Create a strong contrast by utilizing this colour against white, black, grey, silver, gold or another block colour.

Chandeliers also look incredible in bathrooms, hanging either in the center of the room or over your bathtub. Make sure to choose a chandelier that will balance your room well and compliment your colour palette choice.

For an apartment or loft complex, an open space large bathtub can look and be incredible. If you have the area, this is a great option (although costly) to consider. Try mixing different textures and colours - if you have the a lot of space, this will draw attention and make the room fill fuller even if it isn't necessarily full.

If your children have separate bathrooms to you, a great way to be fun and still stylish is to pick your child's favourite colour and reflect that throughout the bathroom. The above image shows a great utilization of the colour pink for a young girls bathroom.

Fresh flowers, plants and fauna motifs add life to a bathroom. If you don't want the fuss or can't handle the smell of living flora and fauna, a few well picked fake flowers in a pretty vase can look equally as beautiful.

A fireplace or fire-piece looks fantastic next to a bathtub, take inspiration from the above image by emphasizing the warmth of the room with deep browns, mahogany, gold tones and white. If you a fireplace is not practical or wanted in your bathroom, an easy way to achieve a similar effect with decoration is through candles. Mix and match different sizes of candles to create an interesting look, but if you're choosing scented candles ensure that you only stick to one scent at a time to avoid a sickly stench.

How incredible is this bathroom with a view of the ocean? That is definitely a dream view for relaxation and achieving a pure state of calm! Even if you don't have such an amazing view, add a touch of the ocean to your bathroom with beachy inspired artwork or photographs.

Having a step up towards your bath is both practical and elegant. To avoid a slippery step, buy an adhesive grip mat in a shade that compliments the rest of your room and decor.

If you're renovating or building a bathroom, a great way to save on space and be unique is to create a shelf bath similar to the one above. Shelf baths really add a spa like vibe to any bathroom, particularly when paired with a wide window and some greenery.

If you are currently (or thinking about) redecorating or renovating your bathroom, we'd love it if you'd share your story and style with us! Talk to us on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@VavoomEmporium)! Or leave a comment on this blog post!

If you have any styling tip requests or blog post requests, we'd love to hear them as well.

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