Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bathroom Blogging

Although bathroom renovations seem scary, expensive and long-winded; it can be relatively easy to transform your bathroom into a spectacular area of serenity and calm with just a few key pieces and an understanding of what will be best to reflect your house and personality.

When starting a renovation or redecoration, first it is important to understand your space. We recommend getting accurate measurements and dimensions so you can begin to decide how best to furnish and decorate the area. 

There is no easier way to add tranquility and calm to a room than by adding a bathtub. Perfect for relaxing after a long day with a good book and a glass of champagne, the bathtub is a great addition to any bathroom.

For smaller, narrow spaces - consider getting a full-length window built into a wall to open up the space if permitted. A window will also add to the tranquility, particularly if you have a nice view outside the room. A bath built into the floor adds a unique quality to any bathroom and also gives the illusion of a more spacious area.
If you would prefer an above ground tub, look for wide and narrow (this is when measurements will come in handy so you can determine how much room you have to fit). Consider getting a dual shower and tub to save on more space if you would prefer to have the convenience of both.

If you have more space to work with, consider making your bathroom more individual and unique by incorporating one strong colour throughout the room. The contrast of white and red in the bathroom above really makes for a stunning visual.

If you decide to travel down this path, it is a good idea to first consider how you would like the room to feel, as the colour you choose (and whether it is warm, cool or neutral) will affect that. Create a strong contrast by utilizing this colour against white, black, grey, silver, gold or another block colour.

Chandeliers also look incredible in bathrooms, hanging either in the center of the room or over your bathtub. Make sure to choose a chandelier that will balance your room well and compliment your colour palette choice.

For an apartment or loft complex, an open space large bathtub can look and be incredible. If you have the area, this is a great option (although costly) to consider. Try mixing different textures and colours - if you have the a lot of space, this will draw attention and make the room fill fuller even if it isn't necessarily full.

If your children have separate bathrooms to you, a great way to be fun and still stylish is to pick your child's favourite colour and reflect that throughout the bathroom. The above image shows a great utilization of the colour pink for a young girls bathroom.

Fresh flowers, plants and fauna motifs add life to a bathroom. If you don't want the fuss or can't handle the smell of living flora and fauna, a few well picked fake flowers in a pretty vase can look equally as beautiful.

A fireplace or fire-piece looks fantastic next to a bathtub, take inspiration from the above image by emphasizing the warmth of the room with deep browns, mahogany, gold tones and white. If you a fireplace is not practical or wanted in your bathroom, an easy way to achieve a similar effect with decoration is through candles. Mix and match different sizes of candles to create an interesting look, but if you're choosing scented candles ensure that you only stick to one scent at a time to avoid a sickly stench.

How incredible is this bathroom with a view of the ocean? That is definitely a dream view for relaxation and achieving a pure state of calm! Even if you don't have such an amazing view, add a touch of the ocean to your bathroom with beachy inspired artwork or photographs.

Having a step up towards your bath is both practical and elegant. To avoid a slippery step, buy an adhesive grip mat in a shade that compliments the rest of your room and decor.

If you're renovating or building a bathroom, a great way to save on space and be unique is to create a shelf bath similar to the one above. Shelf baths really add a spa like vibe to any bathroom, particularly when paired with a wide window and some greenery.

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