Friday, 6 July 2012

Industrial (furniture) Revolution!

Holding similar values to vintage decor and, being a common interior design style that is often overlooked, it can be surprising how versatile Industrial style furniture and decor can be.
Are you looking for a style that will remain androgynous? That will work with femininity and masculinity and be versatile enough to fit most aesthetics?

Look no further than Industrial.

Inspired by the workplace, the Industrial style is about rough edges and raw materials. Its pieces are adaptable to fit any style, but often the key idea is for the Industrial style to appear unfinished.

The style is often associated with loft apartments and studios, however is versatile enough to easily translate in any style of home.

It leans well to minimalism, but if you are somewhat of a hoarder - never fear - by smartly collecting and pairing pieces, you can still achieve an Industrial style.

Our incredible French Industrial Tool Cabinet is the perfect solution to all your storage needs! This 19th century influenced roomy nine drawer cabinet is a standout piece that you will treasure forever. Made from recycled timber and styled in a quintessential industrial fashion, our French Industrial Tool Cabinet would be a perfect piece for your bedroom, living room, hallway or even the garage if you so wish!

Click on French Industrial Tool Cabinet to be taken directly to its location on our website!

Because the industrial style can be quite monochromatic or sepia toned, it can sometimes make a room feel as if an injection of colour is needed. And what better way to do that than by displaying all your beautiful clothing?

Our Industrial Clothes Rack is the perfect way to do so! Developed in Ho Chi Minh City and inspired by French Colonial garment factories, our Industrial Clothes Rack would be a wonderful way to display your clothing anywhere you see fit too! Although a perfect addition to any walk-in-wardrobe, the more daring may choose to display this piece in their bedroom, or even, living room.

The industrial lean through the wheeled legs and the clean lines are versatile enough to suit any aesthetic.

Click on Industrial Clothes Rack to be taken directly to its location on our website!
For a simple way to add an industrial edge to your home, try our Industrial TV Unit (Small).
Made from 100% FSC Accredited Recycled Teak, our Industrial TV Unit (Small) comes with a characteristically industrial steel frame available in two shades, a black (pictured above) and an orange.
The perfect addition to any living room or bedroom, our Industrial TV Unit (Small) can be dressed up or dressed down to fit your personal aesthetic and style.

Click on Industrial TV Unit (Small) to be taken directly to its location on our website!

If your television would feel more at home in a display unit, we're able to accommodate this desire through our Industrial Display Unit (Medium). A true standout piece with plenty of room to fit in everything you could ever need, our Industrial Display Unit (Medium) is made out of 100% FSC Accredited Recycled Teak and, similarly to our Industrial TV Unit (Small), the steel frame is available in two shades; the black (pictured) and an orange.

The clean lines and wheeled footings are classically industrial, while the recycled timber brings a rustic aesthetic to any home.

Click on Industrial Display Unit (Medium) to be taken directly to its location on our website!

If you'd prefer to add an industrial lean into your bedroom, check out our French Industrial Side Table!
This beautifully crafted french industrial side table features recycled timber as well as an iron frame and a marquetry top. Finished in a rich burgundy brown, our French Industrial Side Table would make for a perfect accompaniment piece to your home, adding a touch of originality to your bedroom.

Click on French Industrial Side Table to be taken directly to its location on our website!

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