Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pondering Pinterest

If you're looking for inspiring images of home decor, furniture and outdoor living, make sure to check out our Pinterest! (Click the word 'Pinterest' to be taken directly to our page).
We've been slightly obsessed with it, as well as Tumblr (Click the word 'Tumblr' to be taken directly to our page). Do you have a Pinterest or Tumblr page? Facebook or Tweet us the link (or leave a comment below), we'd love to check it out! Here are some of our favourite inspirational images that we've pinned or reblogged throughout the past week!

Okay, how amazing is this bathroom? Do you like the nook shower turns around the corner? It definitely solves the problem of having to clean the shower door screen!

How amazing is this little bed nook? So adorable!

We're also loving the look of booth seating in the kitchen, as depicted in the above two images.

We thought we'd end with this amazing porch swing. How fun!

Clearly, from all the above images we're really missing Spring/Summer over here! It's probably because of all those horrible Winter sicknesses going around! To anyone out there who currently has a Winter bug, we hope you feel better soon! Here's a delicious Chicken Soup recipe:

We've got a post dedicated to Industrial style decor coming up soon as well as other exciting ideas!

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