Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Pop of Colour

In celebration of the gorgeous Spring weather, we've really been enjoying pops of colour in our decor lately. These Spring/Summer fashion trends can also be expressed in your home with our styling tips of how to introduce colour, even if you're more of a neutral/monochromatic kind of person.

A great way to start is by thinking of a specific area of your house and what kind of mood you would like that area to convey. Different colours project different moods and can help to further express your personality throughout your house. Think about your favourite colours and how you can best utilize them in your house. Is it through furniture, decorator pieces or a painted/wallpapered feature wall?
If you're interested in using furniture to add a touch of colour to your dining room, check out our gorgeous Bentwood Chairs!
Available in black, white, red, orange, blue, green and of course, yellow - the Bentwood Chair has been beautifully crafted by the Thonet Brothers in Poland. A staple piece used in cafes and restaurants worldwide for over a century, the Bentwood Chair can now be a feature in your home too!

Click here to be taken directly to the location of our Bentwood Chair (Yellow) on our website.

Another great way to add colour through furniture is with a colourfully upholstered armchair or couch.

Our Amelia Chair is available in the stunning berry shade (above) as well as black and champagne.

Upholstered in a plush faux velvet with the stunning feature of glass cut diamond button detailing, our Amelia Chair makes for an incredibly comfortable and stand-out piece in any room of your house.

Click on Ameila Chair (Berry) to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Click here to view the rest of our Amelia range.

Another option is our Upholstered Egg Chair!
In a stunning red shade, our Upholstered Egg Chair is a gorgeous replica of Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair is carefully fashioned from a Wool blend fabric. For extra comfort, there is also a tilt function and supportive high back.

Click on Upholstered Egg Chair to be taken directly to its location on our website!

If you'd prefer to inject small amounts of colour into your home through decorator pieces then have a think about what kind of pieces you'd like to showcase your colour choices through.

 A great way to perk up any couch, armchair or bed is to add colourful cushions.
Our Flamingos Cushions come in a set of two and feature a gorgeous and vibrant print of a flock of Flamingos! In stunning shades of pink and red, our Flamingos Cushion also has black and white detail around the piped edges.

Click on Flamingos Cushion to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Our Ceramic Stool (orange) looks incredible in any indoor or covered outdoor area! A truly unique and interesting piece, our Ceramic Stool also comes in white and navy blue shades. Gorgeous in the hallway, lounge, living room, patio or even in the bedroom as a bedside table. A great way to add a flair of colour to your house in a way that is stylish and versatile!

Click on Ceramic Stool (Orange) to be taken directly to its location on our website.

To view the other colours in our range click here.

A perfect accompaniment to your couch or armchair, our Moroccan Pouffe (Turquoise) is the ideal way to rest stylishly and comfortably after a hard day at work. Handmade in Morocco, the soft leather, fine stitching and plush comfort show the true quality of this product. Our Moroccan Pouffe also comes in shades of hot pink and lemon yellow.

Click on Moroccan Pouffe (Turquoise) to be taken directly to its location on our website.

To view the rest of the colours in our range click here.

To tie in the colours of our Moroccan Pouffe to the rest of your decor is our Moroccan Cushion!

Click on Moroccan Cushion to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Comes in a set of 2.

A great decorator item, our Recycled Spanish Vase (Orange) also comes in a stunning fuchsia shade! Made from great quality recycled Spanish glass, it is a truly stand-out piece that will add a splash of colour and fun to any room! Comes in a set of 2.

Click on Recycled Spanish Vase (Orange) to be taken directly to its location on our website.

To view the Fuchsia shade, click here.

Look out for more Spring/Summer inspired blog posts and styling tips!

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