Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bedside Tables

A handy and somewhat overlooked piece of furniture, the Bedside Table, or Nightstand, first became popular soon after houses were designed with separate rooms for sleeping and eating. The logic is that when retiring to bed the man or woman would have no place to safely put their candle (back in the days before good old electricity) and so a 'stand' or small table was created, at the same height of the bed, to keep it in safe reach.

Early Bedside Tables and Nightstands also contained cabinet space to house their chamber pots, before indoor flushing toilets and plumbing became commonplace.

Fun Fact: The first known use of the term 'Nightstand' was in 1892.

Modern Bedside Tables and Nightstands are an indispensable item providing a space for our lamps, alarm clocks, mobile phones, television remotes, books, keys and anything else we might need late at night or early in the morning. Despite often being overlooked, it is hard to imagine not having them in our bedrooms.
Thanks to indoor plumbing and flushing toilets, we do not only use cabinets as our Bedside Tables and Nightstands now. The options of what you can choose really are limitless. You can go for something more traditional like a stand, cabinet or simple three drawer, or something a little quirky and different like the step-ladder pictured above.

 If your personal taste is a little more traditional and refined, check out our French Provincial Bedside Table (White, 1 Drawer). Also available in a 2 drawer, our French Provincial Bedside Table is a classic piece featuring a bottom shelf and a floral motif design on the front. Finished with a distressed and rustic feel, our French Provincial Bedside Table is the perfect piece for any vintage, French Provincial or Country, classic and refined bedroom.

Click on French Provincial Bedside Table (White, 1 Drawer) to be taken directly to its location on our website.

If you'd like to see the 2 drawer version, click here.

Both pieces are also available in black.

If you prefer something a little more glamorous and modern, check out our Quartz Side Table.
Featuring a stunning satin black finish with a 4 mm clear beveled mirror top and square mirrored fascia panels, our Quartz Side Table is the epitome of modern glamour. A really unique and impacting piece, the brilliance of it is that depending on the rest of your bedroom decor, our Quartz Side Table can become a masculine, feminine or androgynous piece.

Click on Quartz Side Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

If you like the idea of a glamorous and modern side table check out the three above!
Our Banks Occasional Table (left) is simple and elegant with a polished aluminium finish to give a brilliant shine and three stunning legs.
Our Black Glass Top Table (middle) is an incredibly beautiful modern piece inspired by the classic turned leg table. It also features a glass top and is finished in a high gloss black.
Our Brayden Mirror Side Table (right) is a cylindrical mirrored nightstand or side table with a gorgeous painted antique silver trim, beveled mirror top and panelled mirrored sides.

Click on Banks Occasional Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Click on Black Glass Top Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Click on Brayden Mirror Side Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

If you're looking for something really quirky, different and unique then check out our Anais Bedside Cabinet (Bone Inlay). With a very modern (a little Tim Burton 'Beetlejuice') style, our Anais Bedside Cabinet is crafted with tiny pieces of bone inlaid in mango wood. This is how the beautiful black and natural bone colour tones are created in this piece. A true standout piece for your bedroom, our Anais Bedside Cabinet is for the bold and quirky person in all of us.

Click on Anais Bedside Cabinet to be taken directly to its location on our website.

If you like the modern and quirky style, then our Kobe Penta Side Table may also interest you!
Click on Kobe Penta Side Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

An interesting and different approach to a bedside table could be to take something completely different and turn it into a bedside table, similar to depicted in the step-ladder picture earlier.
A cool and different idea might be to take storage boxes and stack them on top of one another, this way you can still rest a lamp and your necessities upon them while storing your other items inside each box.

Pictured above are our Landmark Boxes (Set of 3). Made in varying sizes, our Landmark Boxes give an industrial and unique edge while still remaining practical.

Click on Landmark Boxes (Set of 3) to be taken directly to its location on our website.

If you feel like you'd like something a bit more traditional but with a modern twist, then take a look at our Antique Mirror Bedside (3 drawer). Fitted with three roomy drawers for storage space and with an antique pewter edge, our Antique Mirror Bedside is the perfect piece for any bedroom due to its versatility of style.

Click on Antique Mirror Bedside to be taken directly to its location on our website.

 If you like something traditional with a modern edge, then check out the above three pieces as well!
Our Arabella Bedside Table (left) features two cabinet doors and a single drawer for ultimate storage space. It also features embossed silver metal finish that would be the perfect complimentary piece to any modern bedroom.
Our Baxter Bedside Table (middle) is upholstered in a gorgeous vintage tan leather and features three spacious drawers.
Our French Industrial Side Table (right) is beautifully crafted out of recycled timber, iron frame and a marquetry top. Featuring a bottom shelf, this industrial inspired piece will provide a flair of originality to your bedroom.

Click on Arabella Bedside Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Click on Baxter Bedside Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

Click on French Industrial Side Table to be taken directly to its location on our website.

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