Saturday, 26 May 2012

White Winter Wonderland

If you've been following our Tumblr, you'll know that we've been a *little* bit obsessed with white decor lately. There's just something about white decor, in Winter particularly, that makes a room feel clean, open and chic. We love how white decor looks in abundance, but we also love unexpected pops of colour, pattern or texture to a white room. Sometimes, it just gives a room a little bit more of a personal touch!

So even if your own State or Territory doesn't get a dosing of snow, here are some of our favourite inspiration images matched up with bits and pieces of our own products to help you achieve your own White Winter Wonderland, whatever your style may be.

If you're yearning for the warmth of the French countryside and love shabby chic decor, try adding a French Provincial flair to your home!

Our gorgeous French Provincial Console Desk is adorned with a rustic floral motif and two roomy drawers. The shabby chic appearance is incredibly versatile and reminiscent of the Sofia Coppola film 'Marie Antoinette'!

Click on French Provincial Console Desk to be taken directly to its location on our website!

We have a whole range in the French Provincial style, in black as well as white!
Click here to check out the entire range!

If you'd just like to add a touch of rustic to your clean, white bedroom why not try alternating a traditional headboard with a large piece of artwork or a screen?

Our Falling Butterfly Leaf Carving would be perfect to tie together rustic French Provincial style decor with modern, clean lines. Handcarved from Mangowood, the Falling Butterfly Leaf Carving depicts intertwining plants cascading delicately down three panels.

Click on Falling Butterfly Leaf Carving to be taken directly to its location on our website!

If your style is more interested in clean lines and open space, try adding some interesting pieces that will further compliment your modern decor.

Our Leather Egg Chair has a contemporary design without foregoing comfort, with its molded shape to fit perfectly against your body and its upholstery of soft, arctic white leather. Perfect as a living room armchair, our Leather Egg Chair would also look amazing as a feature piece in a bedroom or as a desk chair.

Click on Leather Egg Chair to be taken directly to its location on our website!

If you live in an apartment or your kitchen connects to your dining room, utilizing white decor correctly can really make your space appear much larger and more open.

Our Kobe Kansas Dining Chair is the perfect addition to any dining room as the white vinyl upholstery and the black powder coated frame make it incredibly versatile and chic.

Click on Kobe Kansas Dining Chair to be taken directly to its location on our website!

An ottoman at the end of a bed is an instant way to may a room appear more glamorous. Try mixing it up so if you're decor is consistently white, add in a little touch of colour.

Our Zavier Square Ottoman is upholstered is a rich velvet navy blue to accentuate the elegance of your room (however, it is also available in white, bronze and natural if you'd prefer). Adorned with matching fabric buttons, matte silver nail-head stud trim and dark chocolate finished wooden legs, our Zavier Square Ottoman would look absolutely divine at the end of your bed or in your lounge room!

Click on Zavier Square Ottoman to be taken directly to its location on our website!

Love the look of an ottoman at the end of a bed but want to be a little more unique? Try using a daybed, small sofa or lounger instead! Our Tresor Chaise Lounger is stunning in white leather with an antique black frame. Studded along the trim with silver nail-heads and reclined backwards for optimum comfort, our Tresor Chaise Lounger is the picture of elegance!

Click on Tresor Chaise Lounger to be taken directly to its location on our website!

Add a bit of spunk to your white room by mixing in pops of colour or patterned pieces, this will help to break up all the white and allow you to add some more of your own personality to the room.

Our Tresor Armchair features an antique style black frame with a cool black and white striped fabric. Morphing to fit your personal style, the Tresor Armchair can be stylish and elegant, or a little wacky and modern (we're thinking a little bit inspired by Tim Burton's 'Beetlejuice', no?). Either way, our Tresor Armchair will definitely be a focal point in your room!

Click on Tresor Armchair to be taken directly to its location on our website!

We're going to do more of these 'inspired by' posts, so keep a lookout for them! If you have any requests or questions, leave us a comment below!

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(All inspiration images are not our own, only the product images. Inspiration images were sourced respectively from Tumblr, Pinterest and Google)

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